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Lexus NXLexus NX 250

2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury Redesign

2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury Redesign

2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury – 2023 Lexus NX is back after going through a period of development and improvement to compete for a special place as a luxury SUV. As a new generation, this Compact SUV features a new and sturdy design touch from the previous generation. Every detail of the design of the Lexus NX 250 2023 Luxury presents the inherent beauty on each side, and the dynamic design provides a larger and longer dimension. Overall the Crossover NX 250 2023 presents the latest platform in its lineup.

2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury Redesign
2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury Redesign

Lexus NX 250 2023

To meet the level of consumer satisfaction and comfort, this crossover also offers a special 2023 Lexus NX F Sport package. The F Sport design brings an exclusive style to the exterior and interior, and offers features and technologies that support high performance like a sports car.

Get to know the Lexus NX further and the differences in its variants.

The 2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury is one of the best-selling luxury SUVs in the US market, thanks to its magnificent design and placement of high-tech features. The New Lexus NX 2023 is able to excel over rivals Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes Benz GLC Class. The Lexus NX 2023 now comes with a sportier drivetrain variation, and even offers a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Lexus NX 250 2023
Lexus NX 250 2023

In general, the 2023 Lexus NX has variants and model levels from each version, such as the Lexus NX 300h with the NX 300h model level as the base model, the NX 300h Luxury and the NX 300h F Sport Black Line. And there are also Lexus NX variants with model levels of NX 250, NX 250 Premium, NX 350, NX 350h and NX 250 Luxury. Of all the Lexus NX variants, there are differences in the type of powertrain they have, such as gas power and Hybrid power, and the difference is also in the packages offered by each variant and model level.

The 2023 Lexus NX 250 on the base model and the Premium model and the NX 250 Luxury are equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters that produces power equivalent to 203 hp. For the NX 350 puts a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.4 liters that produces 275 horsepower. The NX 350h AWD variant produces a combined 350 hp from a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

While the Plugin Hybrid NX 450h+ AWD variant is capable of producing 302 horsepower from a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine combined with a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive, which is estimated to have an electric capacity of up to 36 miles.

Lexus NX 250 Luxury 2023 Presents the Latest.

2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury as a luxury SUV that has developed, and of course has a Luxury package such as, ventilated seats, memory system in the driver’s seat and steering wheel as well as outside mirrors, powerslide moonroof and 14-inch touchscreen LCD as well as several other features and technologies.

New Lexus NX 250 2023 does not have a prominent change on the outside, most of its development is more focused on improving interior comfort which includes more luxurious features and infotainment technology. And this Lexus NX is the first to taste the latest Lexus 3.0+ safety features.

New Lexus NX 250 2023
New Lexus NX 250 2023

New Lexus NX 250 Luxury Features:

  • Suspension Upgrade.
  • Front wiper with automatic rain sensor.
  • 14 inch LCD touch screen
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • Lexus Safety System 3.0+.
  • Interior lighting with Ambient lighting.

The latest generation 2023 Lexus NX Trims:

  • New Lexus NX250.
  • New Lexus NX 250 Premium.
  • New Lexus NX 250 Luxury.
  • New Lexus NX350.
  • New Lexus NX 350 Hybrid.
  • New Lexus NX 450h+ (Hybrid Plugin).
  • New Lexus NX 300h.
  • New Lexus NX 300h Luxury.
  • New Lexus NX 300h F Sport Black Line.

New Lexus NX 2023 Exterior

New Lexus NX 250 Luxury 2023 offers a fresh design without neglecting the exterior luxury. The new refined style is seen in the appearance of the grille in the form of a spindle grille combined with a stylish LED tilt lamp combined with two full-width blade lamps.

The 2023 Lexus NX 250 base model gets 15 spoke alloy wheels in Dark Gray color and engine finish, while the higher model offers 20 spoke alloy wheels with a Silver finish. The back of the L-shaped Lexus logo has been replaced with the full wording “LEXUS”, and the rear trunk door can be opened using a foot sensor.

New NX 250 Luxury 2023
New NX 250 Luxury 2023

Exterior Features:

  • New, improved suspension.
  • LED technology headlights.
  • Wiper with automatic rain sensor.
  • More stylish door handles.
  • 20 spoke Alloy wheels with Silver finish.
  • Panoramic power Moonroof/Sunroof roof.
  • Opens the rear trunk door using the foot sensor.


  • Long 183.5 inches.
  • Wheelbase 105.9 inches.
  • High 65.8 inches.
  • Wide 73.4 inches
  • Front Width 63.2 inches.
  • Back Width 64.0 inches.

Exterior Colors:

  • White pearls.
  • Ultra White.
  • Leading White Pearl.
  • Cloudburst Grey.
  • Cadmium orange.
  • Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0

2023 NX 250 Interior Redesign

The interior design of the 2023 Lexus NX was meticulously done and considered every detail to connect the driver with the car. The layout has a high artistic value with the placement of features and knobs in the right places, so that it keeps you focused on the path you are on.

2023 Lexus NX 250 Interior Redesign
2023 Lexus NX 250 Interior Redesign

New Lexus NX 2023 offers a cabin design with luxury quality and comfort in a luxurious feel. The cabin is dominated by a layer of premium plastic alloy and high quality leather material is beautifully designed. The panoramic roof with a power moonroof/sunroof offers a natural feel that adapts the illumination from nature.

Interior design details of the 2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury, including:

  • The seats and steering wheel are covered with high quality leather.
  • The Instrument Cluster is bigger and clearer.
  • The telescopic steering wheel is tilt-adjustable with power.
  • Aluminum pedals.
  • Particulate air filter.
  • The layout of the knobs is neat.
  • Ambient Lighting.
  • 4 Cup Holders.

Cabin Capacity:

  • 5 seater passenger capacity
  • Front Headroom 37.1 inch.
  • Rear Headroom 38.1 inch.
  • Front Legroom 41.0 inches.
  • Rear Legroom 36.1 inches.

Features And Infotainment

The development of the 2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury focuses on updating more advanced Infotainment Features and Technology. Offering a classier driving experience, the New Lexus NX 2023 is the right choice as a quality SUV.

Lexus NX 250 Luxury Interior
Lexus NX 250 Luxury Interior

Equipped with a dual zone temperature control feature that can add comfort with the cabin temperature being adjusted automatically. The touch of new technology as an interface system that adapts to a 14-inch touch screen LCD, which provides clearer image quality.


  • Dual zone temperature control.
  • The front seats are heated and ventilated.
  • 8-way power adjustable seat.
  • Navigation assistance with voice commands.
  • Voice control is on.
  • Bluetooth connection and USB port.
  • Wireless charging.

Infotainment System

  • 14 inch LCD touch screen.
  • 4G LTE Wifi Hotspot.
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • HD radio.
  • SiriusXM connection.
  • Amazon Alexa connection.
  • 10 speaker premium Lexus audio system.

Safety Features

  • Travel control with dynamic radar system.
  • Pre-collision warning with pedestrian sensors.
  • Departure route assistance.
  • Path tracking assistance.
  • Traffic alert.
  • Blindspot area monitoring assistance.
  • Bottom Anchor and Tethers System (LATCH).
  • Information display with 7.0 inch monitor.
  • Anti-lock braking (ABS).
  • Electronic brake power supply (EBD).
  • Electronic Power Steering System (EPS).

New NX 2023 Engine Model

The 2023 Lexus NX 250 Luxury is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters that can produce power equivalent to 203 hp, with a maximum torque of up to 185 lb-ft. The Lexus NX 250 AWD 2023 through an 8-speed electronic control transmission transmits its horsepower to all-wheel drive. It is estimated to be capable of reaching a top speed of up to 124 mph, and has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds.

2023 NX 250 Luxury Concept
2023 NX 250 Luxury Concept

The Lexus NX 2023 mileage 2 has a fuel tank capacity of 14.5 gallons, an estimated range of up to 378 miles for a city trip, and a road trip of 47 miles. Estimated fuel consumption with Combined/City/Highway cycle is 28/26/33.

2023 Lexus NX Competitors:

  • 2023 Toyota RAF4.
  • 2023 Mazda CX 5.
  • 2023 Audi Q3.
  • 2023 Acura RDX.
  • 2023 BMW X3.
  • 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC Class.

2023 Lexus NX 250 Price Release Date

Lexus has not announced the official price that will be offered for the latest generation. But with the various upgrades provided, the New Lexus NX 2023 will be priced at a price that will not be far from the previous price. Temporary estimates, the price of the 2023 Lexus NX Series ranges:

  • New Lexus NX 250 $37,985.
  • New Lexus NX 250 Premium $41,020.
  • New Lexus NX 250 Luxury $44,175.
  • New Lexus NX 350 $41,590.
  • New Lexus NX 350 Hybrid $41,100.

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