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Lexus LCLexus LC 500

2023 Lexus LC 500 Redesign and Price

2023 Lexus LC 500 Redesign and Price

2023 Lexus LC 500 Redesign – A luxurious concept that is able to hypnotize the eye that sees when passing on the road, the 2023 Lexus LC 500 is able to do it. By offering a display that is born from a creativity that considers every detail, this car looks stunning is the right word to describe the exterior design of the Lexus LC 500 2023 as a comfortable and exclusive grand touring Coupe.

2023 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Redesign
2023 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Redesign

2023 Lexus LC 500 coupe Designed to go fast and be able to beat the corners of the track, but this is not a race car that sits on a circuit like the 2023 Porsche 911. Despite being heavier than the other sports cars in its lineup, the New Lexus LC 2023 being able to provide unlimited power performance is something that deserves to be appreciated. Go on a smooth ride with the 2023 LC 500, in the signature style of this two-door Lexus grand touring, displaying quality that can compete and top its line alongside the Lexus LS.

Lexus LC 500 2023

The latest generation Lexus LC 500 2023 offers a relaxed ride, while enjoying the comfort of stunning luxury. Offering a naturally aspirated V8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters, the LC 500 Coupe gets the equivalent of 471 horsepower, with a tertiary output of up to 398 lb ft, which gives it a tough performance. Unlike its 2023 cousin the Lexus LC 500h which is equipped with an electric motor combined with a 3.5 liter V6 engine that can achieve a combined power of 354 horsepower.

Lexus LC Coupe 2023
Lexus LC Coupe 2023

New LC 500 2023, adds two new exterior color options and the appearance of revised 20-inch alloy wheels with a forged style with Dark Graphite finishing, as well as suspension developments that can reduce unsprung weight by up to 20 lbs and provide a smoother driving experience.

Most of the development of the 2023 LC 500, is more focused on improving performance, so the improvements can only be felt but not seen, some of the improvements include:

  • New lighter suspension components.
  • Electronic absorber control adjustment.
  • Increased rigidity of the bound stopper and rear stabilizer.
  • Added Active Cornering Assist.
  • More flexible transmission time adjustment.
  • Glass or carbon fiber roof.
  • Sports seats updated with deeper cushioning.

New Lexus LC 500 2023 Exterior

Overall the New 2023 Lexus LC 500 still retains the exterior design of the previous year, which means the Lexus still looks as majestic as before, as does the beautiful appearance of the spindle grille, the elegant semi-expanded roof is still maintained.

2023 LC Coupe Concept
2023 LC Coupe Concept

Other Exterior Views include:

  • Three projector LED lights on the front.
  • Wipers that can wipe the icing on the windshield
  • Glass or carbon fiber (CFRP) roofing.
  • New lighter suspension components.
  • New Dark Graphite finishing rims.

New Lexus LC 500 2023 Dimension:

  • Length 187.4 inches.
  • 113.0 inch wheelbase.
  • 53.0 inches tall.
  • Max Width 75.6 inches.
  • Front Width 64.2 inches.
  • Back Width 64.4 inches.
New LC Coupe 2023
New LC Coupe 2023

Exterior colors:

  • Ultra White.
  • Nightfall Mica.
  • Infrared.
  • Smoky Granite Mica.
  • Liquid Platinum.
  • Atomic Silver.
  • Obsidian.
  • Caviar.
  • Yellow Flare.
  • Cadmium Orange (Coastal Extra).
  • Nori Green Pearl ( Extra Coast ).

2023 LC 500 Interior Model

Inside the cabin, the interior design of the 2023 Lexus LC 500 Coupe displays an extraordinary individual work of art, presenting an atmosphere of cabin comfort with a magnificent design motif. The presentation and layout of the 2023 LC Coupe’s cabin may feel a little bland when describing it. But when you are in it, a sensation of an aura of splendor will arise enveloping you.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Interior Redesign
2023 Lexus LC Coupe Interior Redesign

When you enter the 2023 LC Coupe, you will be greeted with soft seats equipped with ventilation and heating, a blend of alcantara leather that dominates the cabin lining, and a dashboard display with perfect stitching motifs.

Other Interior Views, including:

  • Press aluminum button to open glove box cover.
  • Aluminum pedal
  • Heated steering wheel.
  • Electronic gear lever.
  • The door panels are jagged, the handle seems to float.
  • The interior is orange, with additional costs.

2023 Lexus LC 500 Dimension:

  • 4 seater passenger capacity.
  • 37.2 inch Front Headroom.
  • Rear Headroom 32.2 inches.
  • Forefoot 42.0 inches.
  • Rear Legroom 32.5 inches.

Not just the use of luxurious materials and a beautiful appearance, the New Lexus LC 500 2023 also has the generosity of placing abundant features and infotainment, a digital system that provides premium quality for Lexus.

New Lexus LC Coupe 2023
New Lexus LC Coupe 2023


  • The steering wheel has a degree of tilt/telescoping.
  • The front seats are adjustable in eight directions with heating and ventilation.
  • Dual zone automatic climate control.
  • Dynamic voice commands.
  • Remote control, which can be accessed via the Lexus app, with Alexa and Hello Google systems.
  • Standard backup camera.
  • Cluster instrumentation with G-meter.
  • Illuminated entry system
  • Bluetooth and USB ports.
  • Line Maintenance.


  • 10.3 inch touch screen LCD.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • SiriusXM connection.
  • HD radio.
  • 12-speaker Premium Audio System.
  • 13-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system (Optional at additional cost).

Lexus LC 500 2023 Safety System:

  • Eight airbags
  • Pre-Collision Warning with Pedestrian Detection.
  • Maintenance of fixed lanes and departure lanes.
  • Blind Spot Monitor.

New LC 500 2023 Engine

The 2023 Lexus LC 500 Coupe adapts a naturally aspirated V8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters, producing power equivalent to 471 horsepower, with a maximum torque of 398 lb ft. Through a 10-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the rear drive wheels, it reaches a speed of 0-60 mph in 4.30 seconds. Using a fuel tank capacity of 21.7 gallons, the Lexus LC 500 2023 is capable of a range of up to 415 miles, with an estimated consumption of 19/16/25 mpg Combined/city/highway.

New Lexus Coupe 2023
New Lexus Coupe 2023

2023 Lexus LC 500 Competitor:

  • 2023 Lexus RC.
  • 2023 Lexus RC F
  • 2023 BMW M2 CS.
  • 2023 Nissan GTR.

2023 Lexus LC 500 Price Release Date

Although Lexus has not confirmed the price of the latest generation 2023 Lexus LC 500 Coupe, the selling price is estimated to be close to the price of its predecessor although it has a slight increase. The provisional estimate of the selling price of the New Lexus LC 500 2023 is around $93,050.

  • New Lexus LC 500 Coupe, MSRP $93.050.
2023 Lexus LC Coupe Concept Model
2023 Lexus LC Coupe Concept Model

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